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Indigital Institute of Recording Arts (IIRA)

The IIRA is designed to give students the essential knowledge for building a career in today's music industry. The IIRA gives you the skills you need, without the enormous tuition costs of most recording schools. Our 18-month certified Audio Engineering and Beat Production program consists of over 40 lessons ranging from the fundamentals of sound to advanced recording, mixing, mastering, and music production. Each class provides hands on training with multiple studios, audio labs, and apprenticeship hours in real life professional recording sessions. The IIRA has smaller class sizes for a more focused learning experience.

Indigital Institute of Recording Arts is a fully equipped professional training facility with access to industry standard recording equipment and specialized training materials. The IIRA's curriculum was created from the experiences and perspectives of working professional audio engineers.



Nationally Recognized Accreditation

The Indigital Institute of Recording Arts is fully accredited through the National Private Schools Accreditation Association and is recognized as a Corporate Member by the prestigious National Association for Music Education www.npsag.com www.nafme.org Graduates of The IIRA can secure a freelance engineering position as a CAE (certified audio engineer).

Apprenticeship Opportunities

In addition to studying with the instructor, each student gets to experience live recording sessions while working alongside a professional studio engineer. This allows students to witness and partake in the actual process of operating and managing a professional recording studio.

Tuition Costs

With a tuition that is only a fraction of the cost of average recording schools, our students receive invaluable industry knowledge and experience without the strain on their wallet.

Financial Assistance

The IIRA offers several options for financial assistance helping with any students financial needs.

Immediate Studio Training

Unlike most recording schools, The Indigital Institute of Recording Arts has no general education requirements. Students can enroll, get hands on experience, and start learning about the recording industry right away!

Subjects Covered

  • Fundamentals of Sound and Hearing
  • Acoustic Environment and Treatment
  • MIDI
  • Pro Tools Training
  • Microphones and Placement
  • Pre Amps
  • Compression
  • Equalization
  • Effects Processing
  • Pitch Correction
  • Recording Industry Tricks and Tips
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Mastering 
  • Music Theory
  • Ableton Live beat production
  • And Many More...

Every Student Receives

  • Pro Tools recording system
  • Ableton Live system
  • Instructional training DVD's
  • Essential reading materials
  • IIRA text books
  • One on one lessons
  • Hands on lab training
  • Apprenticeship hours
  • Professional session templates
  • And More! (click here)


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I had always hated being in school because of the minimal attention to the student and more busy work then information pertaining to the actual field. From the first day stepping into the class at Indigital I received one on one attention. The curriculum was based on what an audio engineer in a real live setting would need to know and be able to execute. Everything from the first lesson to the last was well organized and clearly explained. Any questions were answered in depth, until I fully comprehended the answer. The studio itself is too of the line and I was hands on almost every lesson. Brody was my instructor and he was the best. Extremely knowledgable, an amazing engineer himself, and ended up being an even more amazing boss! After working at the studio I continued to work in other studios and met many engineers who finished four year universities. In turn I had more knowledge and most important hands on experience then they did after finishing school. If you want to be in the audio engineering field, you may look no further for a school."


The Indigital Recording / Mix and Mastering program offered by the instructor is nothing short of spectacular. The instructor was a considerate, patient, and extremely driven person, with more knowledge to offer than I ever imagined. A true hands on experience, in the business of the real world setting. As opposed to large classrooms in a university. The knowledge that is gained throughout this program is directly flipped around and applied in a studio setting, which has pushed me forward with an intensity. You can expect nothing but top-of-line gear, a professional and motivating atmosphere, an extensive curriculum, And a teacher that simply wants to pass down any and all the experience he can. Overall this is an opportunity of true substance for anyone who desires it, and comes highly recommended by me.

Nothing but the best from Indigital!"


""As a musician I have either played with or opened up for many big names in Rock and Roll; The Tubes, Quiet Riot, War, Cheap Trick, Chris Issak among others; and I’ve spent hours in studios here and abroad not really paying attention to what was going on during mixdown, or what it takes to make the song ‘pop’. Once I started getting into production, I knew I was in over my head. After speaking with former student Elina Bass, I then decided to contact Brody Bergholz at Indigital and I can say he literally changed my life.

The depth of detail in the lesson plan and what it takes to be a good mix engineer is demonstrated by the instructor and his love of all kinds of music and his desire for all students to learn ‘how the pros do it’ is evident in his teaching style and the studio itself. A professional domain for those who really want to take their mixing and/or production skills to the next level, Indigital does just that. I wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about music, especially the recording side of the coin; and let Indigital open your mind to making your music sound like the pros.


"Indigital Studios is the place to be! As a musician and a student I can truly say that the instructor had a super-human knowledge of music. He was a genius with the mix board and a wizard with Pro-Tools. If your a Musician looking for Profession Recording/Mixing/Mastering or a Student looking to become a producer yourself, go no further than Indigital. It is the Definition of professionalism and Skill. Indigital Studios Gets mad Props." -Helio

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