Indigital Institute of Recording Arts (IIRA)

The IIRA is designed to give students the essential knowledge for building a career in today's music industry. The IIRA gives you the skills you need, without the enormous tuition costs of most recording schools. Our certified Audio Engineering and Beat Production program consists of over 70 lessons ranging from the fundamentals of sound to advanced recording, mixing, mastering, and music production in a intimate class size for a more focused learning experience. Each class provides hands on training with multiple studios, audio labs, and apprenticeship hours in real life professional recording sessions.


Indigital Institute of Recording Arts is a fully equipped professional training facility with access to industry standard recording equipment and specialized training materials. The IIRA's curriculum was created from the experiences and perspectives of working professional audio engineers.

Nationally Recognized Accreditation

The Indigital Institute of Recording Arts is fully accredited through the National Private Schools Accreditation Association and is recognized as a Corporate Member by the prestigious National Association for Music Education. Graduates
of The IIRA can secure a freelance engineering position as a CAE (certified audio engineer).

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